Star Wars Birthday Cakes

My son loves stormtroopers, so my husband and I threw him a Star Wars-themed 4th birthday party!  His cake was a two-tier fondant covered cake.  The top stormtrooper tier was a tall 6″ cake with vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream for my son on the top, and the rest was chocolate with chocolate ganache and buttercream.  The bottom tier was an 8″ ube cake with leche flan and ube buttercream.  I didn’t really have much of plan for the bottom tier of the cake, so I airbrushed it to give it a galaxy look.  I had some Star Wars character cutouts that matched the ones on his invitation, and placed them on the cake.  Here’s a video of how I airbrushed the bottom tier with edible paint, as well as the completed dessert table.

My son’s Star Wars birthday dessert table had decorated storm trooper sugar cookies by Shing Bakes, rice krispy treats, ube crinkles, PB chocolate cookies, Halloween cookies, red velvet cream cheese cupcakes with chocolate Star Wars toppers, a variety of French Macarons, and of course, his Stormtrooper cake.

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Happy 4th Birthday to my precious firstborn Nathaniel!  I love you so much!

I’ve actually made quite a few Star Wars cakes.  Check them out!

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Here are tutorials on how I made the Chewbacca Cake:

This is an 8″ vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream & leche flan filling. I show how I piped different shades of chocolate buttercream with a Wilton 1M tip to produce the look of Chewbacca’s fur. I used edible airbrush paint to create dimension. Also, make sure to check out my previous part 1 video where I show how I made the fondant face:
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