Fempreneur Spotlight Interview

I wanted to share this “Fempreneur Spotlight Interview” I did with Tiffany Brooks and her Mompreneur blog.  I met Tiffany online several years ago when I was a busy YouTuber (she mentions it in this interview introduction).  As I go through life changes like having a baby, to starting a new business, I find that I tend to build relationships with those who I have things in common with like other moms and those who have small businesses.  I’m very drawn to those who have an entrepreneurial spirit like Tiffany.  When she happened to see my Instagram posts about MMC Bakes then approached me about an interview, I jumped at the opportunity!  There’s nothing I find more inspiring than learning from entrepreneurs (their struggles & successes), no matter how small or large their business is.  Check it out: http://inspireupliftempower.com/2014/03/10/fempreneur-spotlight-interview-with-mighty-me-creative-of-mmc-bakes/